I Wish.....

poem by: Frank Byrne
Written on Jun 01, 2017

"I wish that I could see you mum, for just a little while,
I wish that I could hug you mum, and see your lovely smile.
I want to put my arms around you mum, and pull you close to me,
Oh mum, I really miss you, oh why did it have to be?
I'm always thinking of you mum, your laugh made me laugh too,
but I wish that I could've told you mum, how much I did love you."


Tags: sad, love, rhyme, wishful,

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Frank byrne commented:
"Mums should be hugged, and told how much you love them.....daily.".....my biggest regret in life.....
Olivia Fletcher commented:
I can really feel the emotion in your poem
Christopher Russon commented:
Nice poem your mum would love your poem.Well written Frank.
Ja Ja commented:
Your poem is a true gift. Thank you
Frank byrne commented:
Olivia, Chris, and Ja Ja,.....thanks for your lovely comments....thank you..


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