poem by: Frank Byrne/Hornby..
Written on May 15, 2017

"Was I really such a bad lad, when I was a young boy aged ten,
because, why would my step-dad give me a brutal beating? time, and time again.
Off would come the buckled belt, from around his denim pants,
I was only a young, skinny little lad...I never stood a chance.
"No more Paddy!"..."Please, no more!" In vain, mum would scream, and shout,
but poor mum just wasn't a match for that brute of a man...she too would often get a clout! You just wait until I'm older, I'll get you, wait, and see!
I hate your guts! I'll get revenge...no more will you hit me!
I had to wait another six years, for that inevitable day to come,
the final straw, was laid one night...when once again, he hit my mum!
Pure hatred exploded, deep inside my head, I landed a lucky blow,
down he went, onto his drunken knees, I've got to kill him!....that's all I know,
my heart was pounding inside my chest, as hate consumed my head,
his "lifeless" body lay at my feet, his face was a mass of red.
Mum was screaming, "Stop Frank! Stop!".......I prayed that he was dead,
but no, in a wild, and drunken haze, he staggered to his feet, then collapsed upon his bed. Mum, and I quickly dressed, then ran terrified, out into the street, and fled!....oh god, how we fled."


Tags: sad, anger, pain, hate, fear,

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Christopher Russon commented:
Well written poem Frank saddly happened far too often after the war with many families.


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