poem by: Frank Byrne
Written on Feb 13, 2017

"I took a stroll through Sefton Park sat,and gazed across the lake,
the pigeons, ducks, and graceful swans, what a beautiful site they make.
Golden leaves blew in the autumn wind, they rustled, and swirled about the ground,
I sat alone, deep within my thoughts, there was no one else around.
I turned up my collar, slowly lowered my head, then the tears began to fall,
the misty rain caressed my face, and hid the pain of my recall.
Why do loved ones have to go? oh why do they pass away?
Childhood memories torment my mind on this cold November day,
then suddenly, I heard a lovely sound that stopped me feeling glum,
a little boy was feeding the ducks, and laughing with his mum.
But as I looked up, strangely I was still alone, there was nobody that I could see,
the ghostly fun, and laughter, I know I heard, maybe that was mum....and me."


Tags: happy, sad, love, hope, weird,

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Cecilia Crasto commented:
A beautiful poem, loved ones pass on but they are always watching over us, that's how I feel.
Frank byrne commented:
Thanks Cecilia, I sat there that day many years ago, I really did feel my mothers if she was telling me..."frank I'm ok.".....
Christopher Russon commented:
Nice poem Frank.I can relate to this poem.
Maria Williams commented:
A sad time Frank when one loses a loved one, but I feel that they are always near watching over us. Your poem is beautiful.
Frank byrne commented:
Thanks mum was beautiful...xx..
Frank byrne commented:
....thanks Chris....👍🏻


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