To a friends mother

poem by: Ceri Baylis
Written on Feb 01, 2016

As your daughter we have that special bond we can share
 So please always remember that I’m here and I Care

We have a connection that others cant see, I’m thankful that I always have you near me

Throughout the years we have been through thick and thin 
So many times to recall its hard to know where to begin.
 To begin to say thank you for all that you have done
For keeping me steady for being there as my mum.
Your always there to pick me up at times when I feel low
You make me laugh and that I’m grateful for you: more than you know.
My continuous constant, my mother, my rock and my friend 
Never mind what the time , you being there I can always depend.

You need me and I need you, it makes us strong what we’ve been through
 Through the good times and bad times, freedom from past despair
I hope now the worst of times are behind  us but  I’ll always be there.
I want what is best for you to be happy and healthy for me 
what I want for you is to live again and for you to feel free.


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Christopher Russon commented on Feb 10, 2018 at 8:06pm
Excelent write and lovely words.


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