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Top Works of Art

Ripe Old Age

poem By JG Collins

We will all live to a ripe old age. If not he... Read more


poem By Arch Angel

"Life" Life is like enjoying picture... Read more

Settling Down

poem By Elizabeth J White

In a home where much is going on and not enough ... Read more

Now Your Not Here

poem By julie cook

You laughed. you cried. you hurt, you pained But... Read more

What a World

lyrics By Baron Decker

Verse 1: Once I was a younger lad Full of dream... Read more

The magical wizard.

poem By Christopher Russon

You came to me today With art full words Inspir... Read more

The God you'll find

poem By Ashok Pokharel

Heaven or Hell, Let's dwell, It's state of min... Read more


poem By Ja Ja

What we hear We remember What we see We donā... Read more

Alone with a Pen

poem By Catherine Qiu

I glided the ballpoint pen across the gridded pag... Read more

Van Gogh

publication By Braverman waltz

I am not hurried in the dark for the sake of thos... Read more

Cherry Blossom

poem By Martyn Grindrod

Cherry Blossom An ocean of pink and white Wa... Read more

Rythm and Beat

poem By Gerry Legister

Moonlight is in the sky glowing casting the... Read more

Popular Creativity

Life Is To Live

poem By Rachel Cartwright

Today may not go right And may be full of sorro... Read more


poem By Emilee Rodriguez

I'm hurting. Do you not understand? There's som... Read more

The Nothing Poem

poem By Rachel Cartwright

I want to write a poem But I don't know what to... Read more

Walk on Water

lyrics By Trevor Cartwright

Light a candle, and illuminate the dark Because ... Read more