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Top Works of Art

Enlighten And Empower

poem By Ronell Warren Alman

Enlighten and empower Continue to climb the lad... Read more


poem By Sagar Vasnani

I was the one to yearn for some fights; now that... Read more

In Sepia Land

poem By ann parks

On my laptop I summon the dead..... I watch fa... Read more

friend or foe

poem By ty dagreatest

friend or foe there till the end or leave when yo... Read more

Promoted Creativity

Natural Beauty

poem By Michael H.

Longing for you, like none i have known before, ... Read more


poem By Takeen Evens

Its unbearable, An ancient trend, Its not comfo... Read more

Mind Control

poem By Anna Fuller

Within the grey walls they blend , sagging faces... Read more

Unsaid struggles

poem By Mirza doe

Im afraid of whats to come, is this the end or ha... Read more

Untitled Rambling

poem By Michael H.

So here I go again, looking for a reason to rhyme... Read more

Peace So Unexplainable

poem By Jay Shades

Searching for answers from this riddle of life . ... Read more

Distant Friends

publication By Jay Shades

You cant make the effort no ? It as easy for yo... Read more

Popular Creativity

Life Is To Live

poem By Rachel Cartwright

Today may not go right And may be full of sorro... Read more


poem By Emilee Rodriguez

I'm hurting. Do you not understand? There's som... Read more

Walk on Water

lyrics By Trevor Cartwright

Light a candle, and illuminate the dark Because ... Read more

The Nothing Poem

poem By Rachel Cartwright

I want to write a poem But I don't know what to... Read more