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Top Works of Art

House By The Sea.

story By Durlabh Singh

HOUSE BY THE SEA. After ages of boring office work,... Read more

The call-up summons

story By Haim Kadman

The call-up summons It was almost evening when I've retur... Read more

A Tender Moment

story By Sarah Klein

You clumber on down the stairs and tighten your robe belt a... Read more

Always In My Dreams

poem By Robert Folland

I think of you in my own mind as your always in my dreams,... Read more


poem By Anthony Blake

Close yet so apart Connected and forgotten Patience, plea... Read more

Run Away

poem By Amberlynn Kaye

I don't know who I am. Anymore I continue to stray, Fr... Read more

God is my Home!

poem By selam mussie

When I’m with my tears When I can’t escape my fears I... Read more

Popular Creativity

Life Is To Live

poem By Rachel Cartwright

Today may not go right And may be full of sorrow But th... Read more


poem By Emilee Rodriguez

I'm hurting. Do you not understand? There's something wro... Read more

Walk on Water

lyrics By Trevor Cartwright

Light a candle, and illuminate the dark Because I feel so ... Read more

Ruskin Ruin

poem By Rachel Cartwright

One afternoon, clouds piled up People were going about th... Read more