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Top Works of Art

Absolute,Final Divorce!

poem By Morris Nalle

Motivation Hall. Me. Its founder,Morris Nalle. Bringing hap... Read more


poem By Broken Mask

Care What is care? Is it staying up 'til 3 a.m.? Is it c... Read more


poem By adam doom

like a fool i fell closed my eyes ... Read more

The Crying Angel

story By Sarah Klein

The rain hasn't stopped. It's been raining for three days. ... Read more


poem By Dean Hutchings

Here in the wake Of a mornings dew She was chirping On... Read more

Bluebell Wood

poem By Robert Haigh

Within this treeless space once stood A clump of trees, qu... Read more


poem By Royce B

Crossroads Two roads meet. A junction of souls. They ... Read more



It's book of poetry dedicated to the unsung poets of all th... Read more

Hooligan Wind

poem By Robert Haigh

I watched the wind having wicked fun today Stripping leave... Read more

Popular Creativity

Life Is To Live

poem By Rachel Cartwright

Today may not go right And may be full of sorrow But th... Read more


poem By Emilee Rodriguez

I'm hurting. Do you not understand? There's something wro... Read more

Walk on Water

lyrics By Trevor Cartwright

Light a candle, and illuminate the dark Because I feel so ... Read more

The Nothing Poem

poem By Rachel Cartwright

I want to write a poem But I don't know what to write U... Read more