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Top Works of Art

Creator of above & all

poem By Anna Tate

I am all of above and below I am he, your Lor... Read more

Take everything

poem By George Griffiths

I have loved you endlessly, gave you a hand up th... Read more


poem By Aina A

A day to remember, a day to forget Awoken from... Read more

The Brag that I Am (Alive)

poem By Beth Hughes

Too much love to give Means too much love to hid... Read more

House boating

poem By Robert Kohlhammer

To lazy to blame my tools as if I were a repetit... Read more

Competitive People (CP)

poem By Arch Angel

"Competitive People" (CP) Stygian sk... Read more


lyrics By Sun Chaser

Why do I feel.... what isn't real Why do I know,... Read more


poem By Tara Husick

Nobody knows the pain that I go thru As I sit her... Read more


story By Tara Husick

We are living in perilous times where more people... Read more


poem By Tara Husick

With each step we take together I’ll always w... Read more

My old lady laptop computer

poem By Roxanne Dubarry

My old lady laptop computer recently restored he... Read more


poem By Tara Husick

As I sit here waiting for you to arrive. Thinking... Read more

Popular Creativity

Life Is To Live

poem By Rachel Cartwright

Today may not go right And may be full of sorro... Read more


poem By Emilee Rodriguez

I'm hurting. Do you not understand? There's som... Read more

The Nothing Poem

poem By Rachel Cartwright

I want to write a poem But I don't know what to... Read more

Walk on Water

lyrics By Trevor Cartwright

Light a candle, and illuminate the dark Because ... Read more