Nature boy a new York love story by Jude kyrie

story by: Jude Kyrie
Written on Sep 26, 2017

Nature Boy....a New York love story
Jude Kyrie

He had that dream again 
He awoke with a start 
Pouring down his face.
The car, the children, his wife.
The truck sliding on ice on the icy freeway.
Then the silence as they drifted away.
And he was left alone.

He moved out of the small inner city cottage
Is was two years ago he just left it the way it was.
The kids toys strewn on the floor 
Bread and cookies on the table.
He would never return there never.
Not even to get his beloved alto sax.
His only key to making a living.

He followed the cop 
that pulled him from the wreck.
He did not know why she was pretty
But that was not it.
He was once told that if you save
Someone's life they belong to you.
Well she could have his
He did not want it anymore.

She entered the bank 
He saw the robbery before she did.
The robber lifted his weapon before
She had time to move but he jumped
in and took a bullet for her.

It was in my arm straight in and out.
She put three in the perp
before he could fire another shot.
I fell down she held me in her arms.
As I was bleeding out.
Why did you do that she said
I would have been killed.
That's why I whispered.

She visited me in hospital
Brought me grapes
I hate fucking grapes.
She had no idea who I was
When the car wreck happened
I was covered in blood and EMS
Ran me to the hospital.
Names don't stay with people
Only faces.

When I got out
She appeared at my rented room door
With a coffee and doughnuts
I don't talk much since..well just since.
Who the fuck are you she asked
A God damned Angel.
I said I don't think God ever dams angels.
She seemed to like me.
Fuck knows why I wasn't nice to her.

She started looking for me on her shift.
Grabbing coffee, and suggesting dates.
I told her no offense don't arrest me.
But I don't date anymore.
But she was a new York cop 
and also a woman, fucking relentless.

She said she would make life hell for me
If I didn't take her for a date.
Fucking women.
I gave in and said I would join her
at the blues club nearby.
We got there at 10 pm after her shift 
She looked fucking hot.
The blues were playing
I heard the alto sax wailing 
It wept like my soul was feeling.

She saw tears in my eyes
And held me to her soft breast.
Tell me what it is 
Is it me she asked?

I was just silent.
The owner of the club saw me.
He said Tony, where the fuck you been.
It's been two years since you came her
We miss your sax wailing boy.
He said where's your sax?
Don't you have it anymore?
I shook my head it was a lie
But I had my reasons.

He grabbed the alto sax
from the band playing.
Make it weep Tony.
My heart needs to hear you play man.

He moved quietly to the stage.
And the room went silent
Just as if the Angel Gabriel
was going to wail his horn.

They remembered me they stood up
and clapped for five minutes.
Blues people don't change.
They just get fucking older.
I said nothing
But played nature boy

Peggy got up and took the mike
She cried the words as I played
Tears falling down her sad black face.

There was a boy
A very strange enchanted boy
They say he wandered
very far, very far
Over land and sea
A little shy and sad of eye
But very wise was he

My cop was crying too
She said I don't cry ever see.
I am a cop I see shit.
Who the fuck are you she said?
But I let the sax wail for my words.
It poured my sadness into the night.

She got my full name from Peggy.
She says that boy needs a woman.
But then a woman is Peggy's
answer to all problems.

She ran the info though the computers
at the precinct those fucking things
Know every leak you ever take.
She saw the car wreck the body bags
Me covered in blood.

She found my mother in law's place.
And went there.
She said he's heart sick 
He won't go home.
Won't let anyone in.
He blames himself.
He's never cried once
It's eating him inside.

She said I can't find him anywhere.
He's over at the cemetery.
She missed her scheduled 
shift change over
And went to the Park Lawn

He was kneeling by a family
grave talking to his kids.
She went to him and slipped 
Her arm around him
He turned his head
Into her breast and wept and wept.
He sobbed like his sax wailed.
She kissed his hair
Let it out honey
Let it all go.

She drove them to his house
The mess on the floor.
The stale food stank.
It was a mess
The children's toys were spread everywhere
His beloved sax on the hall table.

She said 
I saved your life right?
He sad yes you did.
And you saved mine right
He sad yes I did.
She said
Unless we both say were even
You know what it means
He nodded
We belong to each other now.
You got it Magraw she quipped.

Two years later
Tony came back from his gig
at the blues club.
He had a recording contract in his pocket.
The money would come in handy
What with their second child 
coming in a few months.
Kids were pricey little buggers




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