I am what I want.

poem by: George Luis Peterson
Written on Feb 13, 2018

I am what I want

I Want
I want what I have

I Have
I have a wish

I Wish
I wish I didn't hate

I Hate
I hate fear

I Fear
I fear I may hear something scary

I Hear
I hear that people search for their heart's desire. 

I Search
I search and I wonder

I Wonder
I wonder what I may regret

I Regret
I regret no one one that i loved, once. 

I Love
I love feeling good and not to ache

I Ache
I ache often since my two car accidents, almost always during stress

I Always
I always think that I am usually disliked

I Usually
I usually realize, that I am not.

I Am Not
I am not a singer and I certainly am not a dancer

I Dance
I dance only if I can sing a song I know the words to

I Sing
I sing songs like, " The Never Ending Story."

I Never
I never say I rarely sing

I Rarely
I rarely cry

I Cry
I cry when I am sad, but I am not always sad

I Am Not Always
I am not always a winner, sometimes I lose

I Lose
I lose focus, when I'm confused


Tags: Confused, Pain, Hope, Abstract, Fear,

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The Wave Poet commented on Feb 13, 2018 at 5:24pm


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