poem by: Ja Ja
Written on Feb 10, 2018

Each day I suck, on a Whiskey jug
As my life also, does suck on me
My worth on earth about as much
As my piss is, to the sea

Inside this swashing jug, a raging sea 
Sets me adrift atop a cresting wave
Then pulls me under to such depths 
That my soul, I can no longer save

With each gulp I stir the bowels
Arouse the sediment and silt
And as it settles I hope it hides
Or at least, obscures my gilt

Every mouthful flays my throat
Like waves they break unto the rocks
Smashing, spraying, then dissipating
While the Devil stands and mocks

I drink until my mind goes blank
Then plunge into the floor
At last a drunken blissful peace
Until, I wake once more

So as I lay here on this deck
Inebriated, dying in this flask
I think of you and what we had
If your forgiveness, I could only ask
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Tags: Sad, Pain,

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Christopher Russon commented on Feb 10, 2018 at 7:20pm
Excelent poem Ja Ja.I succumb to beer pre sure.
The Wave Poet commented on Feb 13, 2018 at 5:31pm
It is a very deep poem, a enjoyed especially the turn on the last stanza. impressive.


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