poem by: Fadrian Bartley
Written on Feb 07, 2018

The boundless feeling of an empty place
There is one soul in need of a company to embrace
Like magic crystal within I am trapped
Can only be free if get a chance to interact

The sound of my own voice i constantly hear
When the need of a friend bring forth these tears
The boundless presence is like repeated dreams
A life without meaning that how it seems

The solitary feeling that life isn’t complete
Makes the jovial spirit started to deplete
Within this prison of an empty place
No tidings of great joy to replace

Like a curse this spell shall lift
To enjoy the beauty of life in a drift
There is no beauty of being alone
Whether at work, school or home

All alone in the sleepy hollow
Wondering in myself like a soul-less shadow
What word to define this emptiness?
Except a place call loneliness



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Frank byrne/Hornby.. commented on Feb 07, 2018 at 9:19pm
Strong poem.......loneliness is a "cloak" you wear.........
Dinesh Chauhan commented on Feb 08, 2018 at 5:02am
nice poem


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