Unique Situation

poem by: Claire Gibbs
Written on Jan 12, 2018

Unique situation, the only one of its kind,
Therefore no previous rules are able to be applied.
Left standing in the sunshine with the most amazing view,
Dazed and confused, a little unsure what to do.

All my life you have been with me , as a dream inside my head,
Suddenly a reality and by my heart I'm lead 
A connection made before I met you, how could I believe,
Yet when I put my arms around you I could hardly breathe.

Everything that's ended its with a belief of what might be,
Suddenly you are the overwhelming feeling that's consuming me.
So if I'm acting crazy, a little out of control
It's simply because I love you and I'm unsure how to play this role.

You are everything I've every wanted, a dream come true,
I try to find the words to tell you but it comes out only as I love you.
Everything up to this moment and what's been,
Are Our Individual stories to set the scene.

Our life’s first chapters before us written with an underlying theme
From the moment I met you you had my heart and I achieved my dream.
As we start our life together And our story unfolds,
We create the script together for a story yet untold.

Written with words from the heart and created out of love,
Two souls connected with unconditional love, by a magical force it feels from beyond above.
The most beautiful story ever to be told,
Will be created together as each day unfolds.

I feel I’ve been awoken and given special powers,
Whatever happens now the greatest love story will be ours.

- - - 
Inspired by Neil Bryan
(The man who has my heart, unconditionally for eternity)


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Frank byrne commented on Jan 12, 2018 at 7:45pm
Lovely poem....


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