poem by: Daniel Miltz
Written on Dec 16, 2017


Jul 15,  2017• By daniel miltz •

While the morning dozes in handedly
The sun paints inciting vegetation 
Bit of greenly sward, applauds, snappishly 
Moving, moping, in startled asp'ration 
Lying in torment, unpretentiously 

Wide-eyed land, romps energetically 
Iridescent sunrise, floating flightless 
Forenoon savors in sparkl'ng veracity 
While the world spins in absolute hushness 
And rattling in sweet regularity 

Gloating tenderly, in edgy touchness 
Warming the earth, raindrops, tumble from sky
And cockcrow holds its head high, in closeness
Feathered creatures in day peep, unify
Untamed wild, fills local space, once afresh


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