poem by: Daniel Miltz
Written on Dec 12, 2017


Jun 26, 2017• Copyright © daniel miltz •

O' now a week into the summer scene
Warmeth abundant day air a breezing 
Decks overlooking fields of shady green
Afternoon plaited remnants appeasing
On a but soft drifting orange sunscreen

In purple dreamy haze of a twilight
While, hot humid summer whispers softly 
Separating day from the gifted night 
Lazily capturing skyline lofty
Sunray ripples with did reflected light

Whilst, a thin hint of genteel fog ascent 
Along fertile field edge narrowily 
Beholdest up in 'oughtful amazement
While, naughty scores of birds racing wildly
Crossing in horizon embodiment


Tags: Deep, Wishful, Imagery, Inspirational, Happy,


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