The man from Nazareth

poem by: Allan P Stevens
Written on Dec 05, 2017

Let me tell you a story from many years ago
In a town called Bethlehem a baby was born
Joseph and Mary in a cattle shed they stayed
To give birth to a boy, Jesus was his name
Coming of a messiah was told across the land
Shepherds stood by, their flock close at hand
Three wise men came with gifts fit for a king
Guiding star shone bright and angels did sing
The young boy did grow to be a leader of men
Many folk believe Jesus had been heaven sent
On the banks of Jordan his followers baptised
He came to save our soul by cleansing our life
Disciples they followed beginning with twelve
They preached Gods truth to save us from hell
Spreading the word across Middle Eastern lands
The future of mankind is in everyone’s hands
Jesus became a threat to the powers that be
So they put him on trial with false testimony
They were finding him guilty whatever it cost
A little while after he was nailed to the cross
There are many words spoken of that great man
Some believe it was all part of gods master plan
All truth was not lost and all hope is not forlorn
From the death of this man Christianity was born
Merry Christmas folks.
(I am not a religious person, I wrote it because I can)


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