Secret words

poem by: Sunshine E
Written on Oct 31, 2017

They say I have my mothers smile
My mothers smile
mothers smile
Such an unfamiliar word
Unless you count the questions
"Is there a mother figure in the house?"
"What about the mother?"
"What would mom have to eat?"-"Oh, no, shes just a friend."
Because normal expects you to have a mom
But my mom
well, she died of brain cancer
died of brain cancer
brain cancer
Such a familiar word
unless you count the way
it only comes out in shushed voices
Be quiet when you talk about it
no one wants to bring up memories
to bring up memories
up memories
Such an unusual thing
filled with tears
then death.
And the future
she wont be there
to make any more memories


Tags: Sad, Confused, Pain, Dark, Deep,

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Taha Hassan commented on Nov 09, 2017 at 5:54pm
I feel the depression in this poem ... In this .... voice of a shattered heart. I hope you don't feel this poem as much as I do. and If you do, I hope you try and live for better things in life than sadness and regret. I can't say I love your poem ..... I can't say I hate your poem. It's just a really powerful poem .... Take care -T
Frank byrne commented on Nov 10, 2017 at 12:53pm
My mother died of cancer....40yrs ago......she's not with me physically....but she is always in my mind............forever.......sad poem..stay strong Sunshine....


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