You let me stay...Thank you God

poem by: Ms. Micki
Written on Sep 17, 2017

Took a chance on yes
Leap of faith off of the cliff of possibilities
Where will I land?
Kissing my past goodbye
With love and hope
Overcame clinging on to life by a thread
In faith I trust
Knowing tomorrows gifts of uncertainty excited and frighten me
I'm alive again
Thank you God
For my strength, endurance, slowly returning my health
When I cowered in agony and physical pain
My body and hope withering away
You lifted me up
You strengthened my will
You dried my tears
You comforted my broken spirit
Healing my soul, restoring my health
Thank you Father
For your Love
For your Grace
For more time
For wisdom and understanding the frailty of life
I will never take another breath in vain
I pray that I can live on the path closest to you
In this gift of a second chance
You granted me
With Love
Forever grateful



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Robert Kohlhammer commented on Sep 17, 2017 at 10:05am
Quite a journey you have told in this poem. Prayers are always powerful.


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