poem by: Frank Byrne
Written on Sep 13, 2017

"I'd love to be in a pub with you dad, enjoying a pint or two,
just to sit, and ask some questions dad, and share precious time with you.
I'd ask you why you left me dad? tell me why did you have to go?
Didn't I mean anything to you dad? Be honest, I'd really like to know.
Did you ever wonder about me dad? as the years rolled slowly on,
didn't you sometimes stop to think dad? what was happening to your son.
As I grew into my teens dad, I needed someone like you,
to put a guiding arm around me dad, and advise me what to do.
Eventually I met a lovely girl dad, she agreed to be my wife,
I could've done with some advice dad, to guide me through my life.
I was blessed with two lovely daughters dad, but I never did have a son,
I showered them both with love dad, that's something that you never done.
I'm glad I had this talk dad, let's raise our glasses, and say cheers!
let's both think about the "might have beens" dad, and toast to the missing years."


Tags: Sad, Rhyme, Pain, Wishful, Deep,


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