Lost of a Friend

poem by: Valerie Russon
Written on Sep 11, 2017

I'm not alone 
For you are with me
As a loyal and trusted friend
I can not say how many times 
We have needed one another
But i know that
You've never forsaken me
Your'e the one i needed as my friend
So please be with me 
As i know in my heart that you are
And you have been right down to the end
I shall never forget you
My old friend
For i can remember 
The times we've laughed
The times we cried
And even the happy times
We had together over the many years 
We had,but sadly our togetherness
Has been torn apart 
So sad that i am 
That i lost my dear friend
Whom was loyal and trustworthy
You be sadly missed 


Tags: Sad, Love, Pain,


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