Animal instincts

poem by: Robert Kohlhammer
Written on Aug 23, 2017

Since the dawn of the dog 
doubts the nerves of the sun 
the lapping of the collar solar panel
the fleas that bite the leftovers 

The rotting fruits of purpose 
that are frozen in the fur 
of the barking dog at the entrance to heaven 
a reclusive trickle of salvation serves

a favourite  in the aromas fumes
the silence of the dog whistle
that regulates the anti establishments
covenance to the guardians values

The entity with a sellable smile
an estuary of ghostly waters
evapourates from eyes as cold blood 
on the land that brokers a stagnant mirage 

Loving the vessels magnesim 
spiritually as tempting to cross 
pestering the residential apothekery
the dogs best friend is the hounding of hunting to a task . 


Tags: deep, weird,

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Christopher Russon commented:
A well written poem.Nice one Robert.


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