poem by: Steven Godfrey
Written on Aug 02, 2017

By Steven Godfrey 

I can hear the birds singing , the buzzing of the bees 

The wind gently moves the branches , providing a welcome breeze

The sun is out ,it's overhead and giving of good heat 

Summertime for many people simply cannot be beat 

Other people prefer the cooler weather , some even like the rain 

As long as I'm not uncomfortable ,you won't hear me complain 

Summer when I was young , was full of things to do 

Outdoors all day long the days really just flew 

Everyone's door wide open , Windows would never close 

Out with the paddling pool , someone fetch the hose 

Fill it up with warm water , that went cold pretty quick 

No one really cared , that is how we got a kick  

Yes,  times were different when I was younger, especially in the sun 

So much youthful energy , that you just had to burn 

As we get older , and those days seem so far away 

Oh to be a kid again ," mum I'm away out to play "


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Frank byrne/Hornby.. commented:
Good poem Steven.....I loved the summer as a kid, so much fun , and living to do.....loads of football until the sun went down......ahh, great memories....
Cecilia Crasto commented on Oct 12, 2017 at 6:32am
What a lovely picture you paint of those beautiful summer days, our youthful carefree days before reality set in, all gone too soon~enchanting Steven!


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