Ethereal emissaries

poem by: Robert Kohlhammer
Written on Jul 20, 2017

Shall ethereal emissaries identify interference 
projecting dysfunctional beams or asteroids
Orbiting the solar systems atmospheres and
organise cosmic gifts for human perseverance

 Epoch microcosms insufferably  exist 
 Our consciousness does not dismiss 
 predicate, indoctrinate or implicate
 Hyperbolic centrifuge kinesis   

 Big bangs euphonically scintillant
relative theory and quantum shifts
That provides the  infinite  incubus
for our eternal souls to count every year 

To all intent and purposes
parallel universes begin and end
forever  questioning the temples
Subordinated poultice panacea

Perhaps there are other globes
that my higher self already probes
although I have no guarantee what
will  make me manifest and happy

extra sensory perception cyber cloned,
digitally panic reconfigured  limitations. 
Keys unlock on board vessels encased, 
astral realms basilisk  central foundations.

When all then, has been juxtaposed, 
We evaluate each others highs and lows 
academic resolutions are then diagnosed  
ups and downs and all the ways it goes


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ann parks commented:
I really hope they are out there....great poem


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