House boating

poem by: Robert Kohlhammer
Written on Jun 24, 2017

To lazy to blame my tools
as if I were a repetitive strain
real time does not play a game with rules 
if it were so then set the timer again

I visited a river path 
Relaxing with its water
the day is in the other half
which has made the reach much shorter

What did I do otherwise?
to join in and be in times midst
If  I were not beginning at the end of rigging up my infinite turns and twists
to do it yourself and fiddle about to fix a computer glitsch

The angle of the spire
is jutting out on a town
it is this way of words as if they were kindle wire
that is read on a boat like a sundial scrolling  around and down
that makes feeding the ducks with breadcrumbs as precious as
 a royal  swans amber beak and  its wave of blue sapphire narrow boater.


Tags: deep, imagery,

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Ja Ja commented:
Thank you for the vivid description
Tara Marie commented:
Uniquely well put together words. Makes me want to go experience all that you wrote about.


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