poem by: Frank Byrne
Written on Jun 13, 2017

"Why are we Evertonians dad? Why was I born a Blue?"
It was down to Mother Nature son, there was nothing we could do!
Just like our granddads before us lad, we can't help it, it's in our genes,
and as you gradually get older son, you'll realise just what that really means.
Because when you first step into the "Grand Old Lady," our place of worship,...GOODISON PARK! It's just like being born again, glorious light!
from out of the gloomy dark.
The feeling we get, as the blues run out, with Z CARS playing loud!
unbelievable tingles on the back of our necks, felt by everyone in the crowd.
When my dad first told me son, that in my veins, my blood was ROYAL BLUE!
"Be loud, Be proud, he broadly smiled....every Evertonian is blessed just like you!
"Is that why I'm good at footy dad? because there's blue blood in my veins, 
"I'd love to play for EVERTON dad, just like Leighton Baines!
Yeah, keep on playing the beautiful game my son, one day it might come true,
I just might see you run out that tunnel lad, proudly wearing the Royal Blue.
"Tell me once again dad, about great Everton players of your day," 
Well I go back to ALEX YOUNG son, I actually saw The "Golden Vision," play!
There's so many Everton legends lad, I couldn't possibly name them all,
but the Greatest player that I've ever seen, was little curly ALAN BALL.
So i hope I've answered your questions son, you are a "Blue Nose" to the bone!
and sometime in the future, you might have a young lad of your own,
then you will have this conversation son, just between him, and you,
and he will also ask the same question, ....."hey dad, Why was I born a BLUE?"


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Frank byrne commented:
EVERTONIANS are born....not manufactured......Nil Satis Nisi Optimum......1878..


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