Angels in Flight.

poem by: Christopher Russon
Written on May 25, 2017

There are more to Angels than meets the eye 
In celestial chariots they travel through the universe 
And through the galaxy's at the speed of light.
They are in and out of space and amongst the human race.
They are in midheaven where the birds fly 
They come in many forms like a sweet lullaby 
Or maybe a simple flower or someone's smiling face. 
Angels arrive in disguise in the form of a helping hand 
They do there kindly deed and leave without a trace. 
They are in their myriads way a far on Venus,Mars and every star
Then down to earth in public bars and even passengers in cars.
There are more to Angels than meets the eye 
And they are very close to you and I yes always near by.


Tags: faith, inspirational, hope,

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Cecilia Crasto commented:
I totally agree Christopher and I strongly believe in angels, especially guardian angels. I really enjoyed this poem about angels it's beautiful.
Frank byrne/Hornby.. commented:
Very good, and interesting poem Chris............Angels? thundering celestial chariots of fire!.......possibly aliens visiting earth over 2,000yrs ago....??......maybe....maybe not...
Christopher Russon commented:
Thank you Cecilia and Frank for your comments.
Robert Kohlhammer commented:
Well researched, it feels as if you have interviewed an angel.
Christopher Russon commented:
Thank you Robert.I believe Angels take on many shapes and forms.
K Alexander commented:
I think this is your best work yet :)
Christopher Russon commented:
Thank you so much suck a lovely comment.
Christopher Russon commented:
Oops, typo. I meant to say "such", not suck!
Olivia Fletcher commented:
I love the rhyme scheme of this, and your words are full of hope
Christopher Russon commented:
Thank you Olivia.we all need a hope I believe in angels they are every were well that's what I believe.thanks again.
Q. Ramirez commented:
Thank you for commenting on "Under the Skull n' Bones", I really enjoyed this poem because I also believe in Angels. I had written a poem about them a long while back which I will post for you. Of course my poems are somewhat morbid and not inspirational like yours. Grog seems to be something like a Margarita, except made of Rum rather than Tequila, either way it could be a Happy Hour drink. Cheers.
Christopher Russon commented:
Thank you for your comment.Your poems are really good .my poems Lack depth I feel. Then again every one has there own the way your poems are very inspirational. You are very modist .looking forward to reading your poem on Angels.
Martyn Grindrod commented:
Lovely poem and a great subject. My wife believes she has an angel as everytime we need a favour one appears in an unlikely form
Christopher Russon commented:
Thank you Matyn glad you liked my poem on Angels.
Roxanne Dubarry commented:
Christopher, I loved your poem about Angels in Flight. I also write about angels only a bit differently, and not as creatively. I plan on Pinning your poem.
Christopher Russon commented:
Wow such a lovely comment Rosanna.please do pin my poem. I will take a look at your poems about angels.thanks alot.


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