Glass of wine ( a modern poem exercise)

poem by: Robert Kohlhammer
Written on May 06, 2017

 A glass of wine is not what I am thinking 
 It has been derived from the vintage grape
 There is an empty thought in my glass 
 It has been discovered before I sipped it 

I leave the thought but it needs wanting 
I disregard the glass, there is nothing to it. 
I have been doing something with it, 
pretending it is happening to me. 

I do not think now, thinking is wine 
I look for the thought , and it is beside my glass. 
All I have to do is submit that pause, and see it 
This one glass of wine is careful and selective, try it. 


Tags: metaphor, deep, riddle, hope,

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Geoffrey Brewer commented:
Intriguing allusions to some interesting apparent riddles of existence. Perhaps the thought and the glass both have existence, neither one having dominance


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