Tasman street

poem by: Braverman Waltz
Written on May 04, 2017

Through illuminous darken blue I hear the music quiet I feel the ending closing the show I see clapping laughs and smiling bodies I keep staring at the television.I am lost from whence I came I am here again here again,did they know me well the years we were friends good friends and then the days I mean wow! Right? Seconds of minutes spent in hours and hours spent, what a blast.I don't have that t shirt anymore and those shoes I grew out of, I wonder what happen to them, I borrowed a new pair a few actually.....this road it belongs here the sky dresses well for the occasion and that life rhythm wow even I can dance to that and I'm not much of a dancer,well I can dance but....anyways,I miss the sun the stars the moon even though it only came out in the dark,quite the introvert quiet yet able, bright when seen.this heater keeps me warm now my socks accompany me to sleep it's my ticket on a flight already taken I love it there it's nowhere yet home in Tasman street.




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