Silent corner

poem by: Braverman Waltz
Written on Mar 24, 2017

This my silent corner in the company of empty chairs praying cradled by dedication and music for the soul this love hears distorted thinking,this quiet time holds me close it keeps me speaking no words leaving me hard and anxious, engaging disconnection and then it leaves.fading disappears sermon waits singing rehearses seats stay 
seated and people wander.this 
solitude my friend knows me not 
yet talks to me with opened ears 
impatient and loving it crowds my
 upset blackens the light, guitar wails a dying moan accompanied by 
a heart string lost in beat and 
rhythm runs,voices heard are no 
longer vocally able telling stories of 
backward scripture where grammar 
continues aimlessly on pointless 
lines broken and I am drowning in 
the thick of solitary melting.lord forgive for I know what I do and when you change the record make 
it clear on both sides.


Tags: anger,


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