Staying The Night

poem by: Gail Newman
Written on Oct 11, 2013

Just as we had started our day
A tiny kitten came my way
In some water she was found
She had fallen in and nearly drowned.

Into my hand she was put
Where she sat and stared and looked
Her large round eyes stared into mine
Our love could grow if we're given time.

Her tail was all but a thumbnail long
Her Mother had left her, how very wrong.
She fitted into the palm of my hand
She was so weak she could hardly stand.

I took her home this feral cat
She saw the dogs and didn't like that.
She hissed and spat and tried to run
The dogs were shocked and wouldn't come.

The dogs hid away and peered in fright
Was this thing really staying the night.
We took it slowly so tensions could mend
And as days went by she became their friend.

A proud fluffy cat she has grown to be
As she stretches herself across my knee
She purrs with contentment and loves a fuss
I often wonder did we find her or did she find us.


Tags: happy, humor, rhyme,

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Christopher Russon commented on Nov 14, 2017 at 10:02pm
Lovely pleasant poem Gail .I think she found you.


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