800 Miles

poem by: Theresa Taylor
Written on Jun 26, 2016

It took me 800 miles one way
And 800 miles back
It took me a few months, give or take a day 
To read between lines where nothing's white or black

Flame you said you felt, I guess went up in smoke
Truth is there's a wolf here, 
One convincing bloke 
The jackal of this journey
Carries with him a mark
No way for little red hood to see
What was lurking in the dark

"Just get here", he said
"Will you volunteer as tribute?"
"I'll give your heart a rest and a place to lay your head,
If you promise not to shoot."

Little red took the flying leap
Crossing mountain, lake, and stream
Up the path so steep
Only to discover nothing was as it seemed

It took her 800 miles one way
And 800 miles back
It took her a few months, give or take a day
She gave 100%, that you seem to lack. 

Smiling through sharp teeth
You thought you had me then
I'll cut you nose to belly from underneath 
If you ever try that again 

You see I'm no ordinary girl
Never again your ignorant prey
I'll expose you to the world
That's how I'll make you pay

I'll spread it 800 miles one way
I'll scream it 800 miles back
I'll tell it June through May 
I've got your number now, and I'm NEVER giving it back


Tags: love, anger, metaphor,

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Dooley Sheen commented on Oct 18, 2017 at 2:22am
I love it..I feel your cry
Frank byrne commented on Jan 09, 2018 at 4:12pm
Wow!.....the anger is ready to...EXPLODE!....powerful poetry Theresa....


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