Touch of Fame

poem by: Christopher Russon
Written on May 11, 2016

You are the audience 
Now nature is on stage 
Your audience left you 
Back in the early days.

You wonder in amazement 
And often raise a smile
You were wise enough
To realise fame is just for a while

You loved you laughed 
And lived to tell the tale
Travelling your uncertain  path
The obscure deluded trail.


Tags: happy, humor, imagery,

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Amia Jorge commented:
you are really talented!
Christopher Russon commented:
Thank you so much for your comment Very encouraging.
Cecilia Crasto commented:
So very true, enjoyed reading it.
Christopher Russon commented:
Thank Cecilia for your comment.
Geoffrey Brewer commented:
A touching, wry, poignant observation on a life. Simple and clear.
Edward shields commented:
Your poem seems it should be longer?
Frank byrne/Hornby.. commented:
Well written poem itself is an uncertain path......but we get there in the end.....(wherever there is?)......hahaha.....
Christopher Russon commented:
Thank you Frank for your comment after his fame went into decline he took up gardening.


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