poem by: Teresa Skyles
Written on Nov 07, 2015


My body has begun to feel so strange.
The way I see myself is starting to change.
When I open my eyes the sickness is there.
The cancer has stolen all of my hair.
I cannot eat and I've gotton so weak.
My words are slurred and I can hardly speak.
My family say's don't give up it's not the end.
Cause the love I feel is what they send. 
It's not time for the lord to take me away.
Prayers,faith and love gives me a reason to stay.
                 Teresa Skyles   July 30, 2010
This was inspired by a dear ex son-n-law who was diagnosed
with cancer and is still fighting with it all our prayers are with him.
He lost his batttle in 2011.


Tags: sad,

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George Griffiths commented:
I am truly sorry for your loss, touching poem
Frank byrne commented:
Really moving poem Teresa.....I lost my young mum to "the scourge of Mankind,"........way back in '78..................................God bless him...
Christopher Russon commented on Nov 12, 2017 at 9:14pm
I lost 2 close friend this year .it is hard to come to terms with I believe I will see them again in a better heart goes out to you.must be difficult with you.


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